Another Friday Post

Friday17th post It was a nice long week for me.  And as bad a long weeks sometimes sound, I wasn’t bothered by it one bit.  I got plenty done at home, with school, and also spent some time on the road.  I am happy to say that I have my car back, and since everything has been taken care of, hopefully I won’t be without it anytime soon.  Yes, getting my car was the big highlight of my week.  I really missed driving it.

The week wasn’t all about productivity and getting things accomplished though, one thing I didn’t get to do was tend to my yard.  It is that time of the year when weeds need to be pulled, plants need to be fertilized, and flowers have to be planted.  I have all three to do and have only gotten a small start at it, and that was two weeks ago.  In my defense, it rained a lot this week, so not working outside was not my fault.  I’m not sure what the weather is looking like on Sunday yet, but probably that is when I will get the rest of it taken care of if I am not able to finish it all today.  Today is definitely gonna be a busy one!

So, a little bit more about my week, not that it was super exciting or anything like that.  Sunday, after mowing and taking pictures in the vineyard, we headed to the city for an afternoon out.  My guy and the boy went to a shooting competition.  I dropped them off and went to Kohl’s.  I have been buying up exercise leggings like they are going out of style!  Before this last week I had only two pairs, can you believe it?  ONLY two pairs, now I have three more, and since they were all on sale, plus I had a $40 free coupon, I didn’t pay much at all for them.  These days it seems I spend more time in gym clothes than regular clothes, so at least I won’t look exactly the same every single day.  It is good to have variety in ones wardrobe, am I right?

After that we had dinner out and then home for a nice relaxing evening on the back deck.  Sunday’s weather was by the far the best of the whole week.  The day ended looking something like this.

IMG_9860 Monday it rained and we did lots of schoolwork.  Tuesday it sprinkled, was humid, and we did lots of schoolwork.  Also on Tuesday, my boy wasn’t feeling that well – he had an orthodontist appointment the day before in which new brackets were added to his teeth, plus an allergy overload made it a pretty miserable day for him.  Come Wednesday he felt better and we hit the road to Memphis.  It rained.  There was some window shopping, a lunch date, and the afternoon spent with a friend.  Also this was the day my car came home with me.  The clouds parted for a few hours, I made it back in time for a gym class, and then finished that day at the boy’s gymnastics class, and then settled in for the night before it started raining again.  And did it rain!

Thursday, there was some sunshine and lots of schoolwork, plus laundry and ballet.  I saw our back deck skink and I think he is getting pretty used to us.  I almost leaned right up on him while out taking pictures and he didn’t budge one bit.


And now for today.  I am just getting started with it, but there is lots to do – inside and out.  My current bloom situation looks like this:



The azalea is bright and beautiful, and the dandelions are fuzzy and everywhere.  The ground is pretty wet, so probably perfect for starting on some of those weeds.  But, if I wait until after school, the boy can get out there and do some of it with me…  Great idea!  I best be getting at it.

Springtime in the Vineyard

springtime vines

springtime in the vineyard vines

I have more about spring for you all today.  It is just popping up everywhere!  I can’t remember ever being so excited for it, or even paying this much attention to it, but for some reason seeing all of these green leaves showing up all over the place is just making me happier and happier everyday.

This time of the year, however, the good days are competing with the wet and dreary ones, so I am making sure to keep my camera on hand at all times.  A wet and dreary day just may turn into a nice and wonderful one in a moments notice.  Last Sunday was one such nice and wonderful day, and it was beautiful for all of it.  We started it off early with a trip to the family farm to check in on the vineyard and do a little bit of mowing.  The boy was in charge of the grass and weeds while I was taking pictures, and my guy was walking around looking at animal tracks and getting bit by those pesky springtime bugs.

springtime in the vineyard bee

springtime in the vineyard blueberry blooms

Everything is looking great!  I was even happily surprised to see some small little blooms on the newly planted blueberries.  It is hard to believe that in a few years’ time, that piece of land has gone from grass, to flowers, to vines.

April 2011

April 2011 – a field of winter wheat

June 2011 - sunflower field

June 2011 – a sunflower field

Dec 2012 - newly planted muscadine vineyard

Dec 2012 – a newly planted muscadine vineyard

April 2015 - a two year old vineyard

April 2015 – a two year old vineyard

I have to say, I like it much better in its current state as a growing vineyard.  Don’t you just love spring!

Daily Photo Challenge: Part Two

This month long photo challenge is probably going to be a three parter as far as blog posts go.  I started in the middle of last month so it will be running over into November some.  I also don’t want to do one big, overwhelming photo post, so a few more here, and a few more there should work out just fine for everyone.

This week’s photos are from day 18 to day 24.  Also, I noticed a couple that I didn’t add to the last post, so they are here as well.  I hope you all like them, even if they are only iPhone photos.  I am loving the new iPhone camera, still, and I really like this tiled gallery that WordPress has.

I’ll be back with one more post like this soon.  Until then, part two, in no particular order:

Fall is Here


Yup, it sure is fall if you didn’t already know. Even though the days have been nice and warm still, the evenings have begun to cool off and I always love it when that happens. The first week of fall was a very busy one for me, hence the lack of blog presence. I’ve been traveling some the last couple of weeks and still have two more weeks of it to go. When I say traveling, I am only talking about one day out of the week, but when you are a full time teacher, mom, housekeeper, cook, and everything else that I am, that one day on the road makes everything else get behind.

My reason for traveling this week was car related and I am happy to say it all went well.  It seems more often than not something always goes wrong for me when my car is in the shop.  Especially at the Mini dealer.  They’ve misplaced my car not one, but three times!  Can you believe that!  At the dealer!  And they are supposed to have their act together there.  Well, no misplaced Mini this time and since it was recall related and a pretty minimal issue, I got my keys back and drove away without any warning lights coming on.  Whew!  Now just keep those armadillos away from me and I’ll be motoring on just fine.  (An armadillo cased my Mini some minor damage not too long ago.  I now have a new reason to dislike them!)


Not my Mini, but a pretty nice, shiny, and new one that was parked at the dealer.

Moving on.  The rest of my week pretty much consisted of school work, which we are still doing now.  As my boy is working on his English corrections, I thought to squeeze a few minutes in on the blog.  (I do still like to get a post up on Friday, even if it is just to talk about the weather and my car.)  We have our first field trip coming up next week and we are working hard to be able to have the whole day free from work.  And, as always is the case, I have no shortage of papers that need to be graded.  Only thirty more weeks of this left to go…  No, really, I am very happy with all the school that we do, and I wish that the time wouldn’t be flying by so fast.  Once this year is over, I will have a high schooler.  How the last thirteen years of my life have flown by so fast is a daily mystery to me…

Let me wrap it up here.  It’s the first weekend of bow hunting in these parts, so I also have some camo colored clothes for my guy and the boy that need to be found – good thing I cleaned my closet a couple of weeks ago.  Looks like there will be more laundry in my near future… Such is my life, but it’s a good one!  I am absolutely loving every minute of it.

fall mushroom

Have a wonderful fall weekend, everyone.

Another Week in the State Park


The boy and I got to spend another week in June this year at the state park, and just like last year, we had lots of fun.  Since my boy was just over the age limit to participate in the summer ranger program this time, he signed up as more of a volunteer, and just like years past, so did I.  Only this time, I was really a helper and not just one of the moms standing by.

I think there were more things to see this year than the last couple of times we attended.  Several emergency vehicles from all around the area showed up, and a helicopter even dropped on by for one morning.  It was really neat how all of the visitors were very accepting of making this a hands on experience.  The helicopter pilot even let all of the children have a seat in the cockpit.  If it were me, I would be very concerned about all of those little hands wanting to touch the buttons, but these guys were very patient and let whoever wanted to, have a look around.  The same went with all of the other operators in attendance.  Getting to climb in and around all of the vehicles I’m sure made it very memorable for all the children.

There was also canoeing, hiking, and some animal encounters.  Plus one day was spent helping out around the park – paintbrushes in hand.  This part may have turned out to have been a bad idea afterwards because several of the kids thought painting each other was more fun than painting a retaining wall.  I sure hope their parents were not too upset with what they ended up taking home – oops!

All in all it was a great week and my only regret was not getting enough pictures to post up on the blog.  Since I was more of a helper this year, I didn’t have as much free time to sit by and take a lot of photos.  I did get several to remember it all by, but not a lot for my post.  The boy did approve of this one of him (he’s a picky teenager now, you know), so here he is with one of the emergency vehicles we got to see.

EJ fire truck

That’s it from me for this week.  It was a busy one indeed, and we truly had a very fun filled first week of summer.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!