Sew What?

For being busy with house work this week, I am sure finding the time and ease of putting up posts.Β  This, I think, will slow in a couple of weeks when school starts up again.

Lately I am in love with vintage style dresses. I have a few, but I could always use some more. (I can always do with more of any kind of dress to tell you the truth!) Well, there aren’t really any decent vintage type thrift stores where I live, so I have taken to ebay. Turns out, there aren’t really any affordable vintage type dresses on ebay. So, I had an idea… Why not try and find a pattern on ebay and make myself a vintage style dress? And so the hunt was on and right away I found the perfect pattern for about $5.00.

I have some sewing skills. When I was younger I used to make my toys clothes with scraps from my mom’s sewing table. And then when I first got married, before my son, I would ‘collect’ dollar material from Wal-mart and make as much stuff as I thought I could. It was all a learning process and at $1.00 a yard, I didn’t really care if I messed up. Then, by the time I got pregnant, I was a little bit better at sewing and I made most of my maternity clothes. I guess time and practice have helped. It has been a while since I have made anything other than ferret hammocks, shower curtains, and pillow cases, but this pattern seemed easy enough so I gave it a try.

I hadn’t planned on doing a post about making a dress, but I had a request for a picture of the dress I made from a fellow blogger, so I turned it into a blog idea and got the camera out.

And here is my vintage style dress – almost done! I still need to make some button holes, and do the hem. I think I like the way it came out, and I think I am okay with the color of the material – this may be the first yellow dress I own. And I think I am okay showing it off on the world wide web πŸ˜‰

Kind of hard to see detail with such a busy pattern

Hopefully the pictures do the dress some good and it looks alright.Β  I found it kind of hard to get a picture to show enough detail of the dress.

13 Replies to “Sew What?”

  1. Love it!
    The print is tooooooo cute and the pattern looks perfect on you!
    OMG, if that dress was in my wardrobe I would wear it to threads. πŸ™‚
    Fantastic work, you should be so pround of yourself. And thank you for sharing it with those of us in the blogosphere who are nosey and bossy!


  2. I can’t believe you MADE that! It’s beautiful! Love the cut and it looks even better on. Really makes me wish I had an ounce of domestic-ness in me… and a sewing machine.


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