Summer Asylum

Since my summer is quickly coming to an end and I am on the fast track to the start of school, I started thinking of schedules, routines, and the normal day to day stuff of my back to school life. This summer was the steady start of a few things that I really hope to continue with through the year. One thing was getting this blog up and going. I am finding it the perfect outlet for some of my free time, or when my guy and the boy are busy with the things that daddys and sons do. I am learning lots just by blogging and it is inspiring me in many creative ways. I have every intention to keep it up even with this hectic school life schedule that is about to take over.

Another thing I started this summer was the Assylum workout, the crazy intense workout videos by those people that brought us the Insanity and P90X programs. Okay, P90X wasn’t really crazy, but Insanity was! We started a few summers ago with P90X and I loved it! I never in my life expected to do chin ups – plural – and by the end I could. I also never expected to be more into weight training, and by the end I was.

The end of P90X for my guy and I, brought us to the next step of Insanity. We did this last year and it was hard! Let me clarify, the exercises weren’t really hard, as in you can’t figure them out and there is no way to even do them, I mean hard like they were so fast paced with hardly a moment to think, then move on to the next exercise – but first let me just lay here and catch my breath- kind of hard! The thing I did like about Insanity was that the programs were quick, not long and drawn out, and it didn’t take much time to get a really good workout, even if I couldn’t always make it through the whole video!

Around this time of Insanity was when we decided to join our local gym. So at home workouts were set aside for a few months and it wasn’t until right before this summer started that we took it up again, only this time we went for the Asylum. I love this workout! It has a little bit of Insanity but at an easier pace and I have just enjoyed every one of the workouts! It gets your heart rate up but then I can still do the rest of the video without feeling like I am going to be sick and pass out! And I can actually see results in myself after only doing this for a few months! It is always hard for me to self critique when it comes to finding workout results, but I have been able to easily this summer.

Let it be known, however, I am not a crazy die hard Asylum-ist. Our schedule is something like two to three times max of the video a week and the rest of our workouts are coming from the gym, which realistically is about the same two to three times a week. And there were even a few weeks when no workouts were had at all- last week being one of them. (There are lots of things that can keep you from working out during the summer!)

I get to only imagine all of the chin ups and one handed pushups I could do if I was a crazy-to-the-schedule Asylum-ist!

So now that summer is almost over, and free time is about to be less, I really am making it top priority to keep up with the Asylum! I may have to put it on hold from time to time to be able to get to a ballet class or two and for my favorite Zumba class. Sometimes a girl has to get out and dance and just leave the weights behind!

Why, yes, I always wear sunglasses in the house while I am flexing my bicep!

4 Replies to “Summer Asylum”

  1. Oh, this is really interesting – I’m halfway through Insanity at the moment (am on the “rest” week), and have been really enjoying it so far, and starting to think about what I’ll do once I finish it. I’ve seen the infomercials for Asylum, but from what I can see, it looks like I’d need more room than our tiny house provides for it – I couldn’t use a jump rope in our living room without knocking everything over! It does look good, though – I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with it!


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