Luck of the Week

It has been a great week!  Now that another one is about to start, I am thinking back on the last one.

First off, I was Lucky once again.  Those who know me, know that I have been prone to spend a little time here and there entering Lucky Magazine giveaways.  It has well paid for my subscription (I won a $500 Lands End gift card last year, some shampoo and conditioner – that I have yet to receive) and this week, I came home to a Pink Papaya spa package that the UPS man kindly left on my doorstep.

Being inspired by these free goodies, I got on the Lucky website and entered all of this month’s giveaways.  (Perhaps a Hawaiian shopping spree?!)  Since I was on the site, I thought I would look around some and not just stick to the freebie page.  While browsing, I found the Lucky community, where bloggers submit posts for the possibility to be published on the website.  Why not give it a try?  I did, and very shortly after, I got an email that my submission was published!  (The post submitted was a slight revision on my Hidden Treasures post, and you can link to it here.)  A happy day indeed.  Now I can display that neat looking badge on this little ole blog of mine that says I am a Lucky Contributor!  I have a few ideas that I am now working on for other submissions.

And, on the bright side of my housewife life, the mail lady delivered the part for my broken washing machine and I am happily washing the last week’s worth of laundry as I write.  Luckily my guy was able to fix the machine or else I would be out of luck in the laundry department for a little while.  I never thought I would be happy about laundry, but when your other option is to go to the laundry mat, a working machine filled full is a good thing!  *Note to self, I must remember to put the clothes away.  That’s the thing that always gets me behind!

Also related to homemaking, I got to try a few more recipes with some of my CSA veggies.  The broccoli casserole was a favorite – well, in this house specifically, it was a favorite for me only, but I was happy that my guy gave it a try.  I told him I would cry if he didn’t, and this may have been the one and only time that line worked!  I am not expecting him to ask me to make a future broccoli dish, but for the absolute meat eater he is, I was happy!  My next recipe to try will be beet brownies.  I think my guy may even indulge me and try these without too much hesitation, because who doesn’t like brownies?  Maybe I will modify the bourbon bacon brownies, with a simple addition of beets…

Now, if my guy and the boy will come home from a successful day of hunting, the week will have finished well – even though today is technically the first day of the next week!

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