Not Your Everyday Pair of Shoes

20 eyelet Doc Marten boots

These would not be considered girly, nor practical in my opinion.  They take a few minutes to get on and they don’t come off very easily.  Needless to say, I don’t wear them everyday.  I used to, but not as much lately.  That being said, they are comfortable and my toes don’t feel frozen when I do wear them.

I have always liked lace-up boots and Docs, and that is exactly what they are – twenty eyelet Doc Marten, black lace-up boots.  Nothing special, well, maybe they are.

You won’t find me wearing them over my pants, or with anything shorter than a midi length skirt or dress – I am not going for edgy or the punk look.  Plus, I like to attract the least amount of attention possible, really!

I just like these boots!

brown corduroy skirt

Shoes aside, I also just love this skirt.  It is my absolute favorite, and I would wear it all of the time if I knew it would last forever.  I bought it in London years back, and paid way too much for it.  In fact, this skirt and these shoes may be the most expensive items in my closet.  Oh, well, they definitely aren’t everyday purchases.

I should only have one pair of shoes left to save, but since I forgot about that last pair of boots, I really have two to go, for reals!  Stay tuned for the last of this Shoe Challenge.

|| Boots – Doc Martens || Skirt – per una || Shirt – Old Navy ||

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