Over Dressed

Not over dressed like wearing sequins and lace to a fast food restaurant, but over dressed as in wearing a dress over jeans.  (Maybe Dressed Over would have been a better title? Or… Oh, never mind.  This should not require that much thought.) Moving on…

I have a few dresses that I like so much, but they don’t quite fit the dress description.  A few are too short and should rather be called a long shirt.  Then there are some I have that are too baggy, and I think they just don’t look that good worn as a dress.  This is one such dress.

Over Dressed 3

It is a combination of the two; a little too short and also too baggy.  I have tried to wear it with tights and with leggings, but I always end up putting it over a pair of jeans.  Is there any fashion rule against this?  I don’t see many people going for this style and so it got me thinking.

Usually, I don’t care if I am in style or not.  I don’t consider myself a trendsetter, nor am I bothered by what a local Walmartian might think when I make my weekly rounds in public.  But today, I am kind of curious.  Is wearing a dress over jeans a do or a don’t?

There are some pros to wearing a dress over a pair of jeans:

1.  You definitely dress yourself down and don’t have to worry about being too done up.

2.  If it is cold outside, you have the advantage of staying warmer than you would just wearing tights.

3.  Also, you get to cover up those slightly over-worn jeans that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

4.  And you can do the things that maybe you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in just a dress because you are, after all, wearing pants underneath.  (Cartwheels in public and windy days wouldn’t require a second thought!)

However, this isn’t exactly a look that works well with all dresses.  I think if the dress isn’t short enough, it just looks like you couldn’t make your mind up for the day, and ended up leaving the house before choosing the dress or the jeans.

And if you are wearing jeans under a very long dress, it seems to me that you were put in a situation where you didn’t really want to wear a dress, but had to anyway.  (If you are going for extra warmth, make sure the dress is long enough to cover the jeans.  Thermals also work well and they are easier to hide.)

Over Dressed

So, what do you think, is a dress over jeans a yea or a nay?  Is it only okay if the dress is a certain length, or never at all?

|| Dress – Speechless || Jeans – Mudd || Shoes – Doc Martens ||

9 Replies to “Over Dressed”

  1. I was just trying to think this through, and found your post. Thanks. Look for me at SFO. I’ll be the one with
    my sea blue dress over my jeans!


  2. I still wear short dresses over jeans, flare jeans don’t work well with the more full dresses. I usually go with boot cut, I haven’t quite got to wanting to wear skinny jeans!


  3. I say it’s totally okay (your argument about being able to enjoy impromptu cartwheels is what sold me), but that it depends more on the jeans than the dress. The skinnier, less bell-bottomy the jeans, the better- then it looks more like dress + tights and not “I’m confused.” Although I’m pro whatever makes people happiest to wear! 🙂


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