Cold Weather Wish List

It was a bone chilling 7 degrees this morning!  No, I didn’t forget to add another digit to that single 7 in the previous sentence, I really meant it to be 7 degrees!  Apparently, this is the coldest it has been where I am in the last 15 years or so – and I thought 25 degrees was cold, nope, seven is way colder!

Since its so cold outside, I was feeling a bit inadequate with my outfit options for the day.  There really aren’t many days such as this where I live, but in the context of cold weather, I was doing a little window shopping.

Recently, I was contacted by the site, and asked if I would like to come up with a wishlist of some items featured on their site.  Wishlists, my favorite kind of lists to have – way better than to do lists – of course I would!  I spent a little time online, and found a few warmer items of clothing that would be a nice addition to my small winter wardrobe.  It is now winter, so warmer clothes is what I should be on the look out for, right?

Persunmall Wishlist
Details – Peter Pan Collar Vest Dress || Fur Color Double Breasted Wool Coat || Round Toe Belted Boot  || Lace Stitched Striped Cardigan || Flouncing T-shirt || Flying Birds Slim Fit Dress
I really liked the site.  There is a lot to chose from and a good selection of simple, vintage inspired outfits as well.  I loved so many of the coats I came across and all of them were very reasonably priced.  Plus, shoes in my size, I couldn’t believe it.  (Maybe I have more shoe shopping options than I originally thought!)What do you think?  I am slowly crossing over into the online-shopping retail world, and so far, I like it!  Any of you readers do much online clothes shopping?  Sometimes I worry about how things will fit when you aren’t able to try them on.*Disclosure – No items were purchased or sent to me for this post.  All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.