Cold Weather Wish List

It was a bone chilling 7 degrees this morning!  No, I didn’t forget to add another digit to that single 7 in the previous sentence, I really meant it to be 7 degrees!  Apparently, this is the coldest it has been where I am in the last 15 years or so – and I thought 25 degrees was cold, nope, seven is way colder!

Since its so cold outside, I was feeling a bit inadequate with my outfit options for the day.  There really aren’t many days such as this where I live, but in the context of cold weather, I was doing a little window shopping.

Recently, I was contacted by the site, and asked if I would like to come up with a wishlist of some items featured on their site.  Wishlists, my favorite kind of lists to have – way better than to do lists – of course I would!  I spent a little time online, and found a few warmer items of clothing that would be a nice addition to my small winter wardrobe.  It is now winter, so warmer clothes is what I should be on the look out for, right?

Persunmall Wishlist
Details – Peter Pan Collar Vest Dress || Fur Color Double Breasted Wool Coat || Round Toe Belted Boot  || Lace Stitched Striped Cardigan || Flouncing T-shirt || Flying Birds Slim Fit Dress
I really liked the site.  There is a lot to chose from and a good selection of simple, vintage inspired outfits as well.  I loved so many of the coats I came across and all of them were very reasonably priced.  Plus, shoes in my size, I couldn’t believe it.  (Maybe I have more shoe shopping options than I originally thought!)What do you think?  I am slowly crossing over into the online-shopping retail world, and so far, I like it!  Any of you readers do much online clothes shopping?  Sometimes I worry about how things will fit when you aren’t able to try them on.*Disclosure – No items were purchased or sent to me for this post.  All opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 

13 Replies to “Cold Weather Wish List”

    1. It has been much colder than normal here in Tennessee, and right now your sunny and nice California weather sounds great. Yes, the wool coat is a great looking coat – perfect for this winter that some of us are having. 🙂


  1. I want it all. Seriously top left the outfit is cute, that jacket is adorable, bottom right dress is cute too… Ack!!


    1. I didn’t have too much knowledge of the site, but now that I have looked into it some, it’s popping up all over. I am happy with what I have found.


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