It was a perfect week in fall!  Everything is just wonderful and I couldn’t be happier.  Well, maybe if I was writing this up with a Panera cookie by my side, I would be happier.  But it’s not like I can make cookies just appear, so I will be content with my evening drink, and a misplaced water bottle by my side.  Never mind the cookie.  How was everybody else’s week?  Did you eat any cookies?  I really shouldn’t be thinking about cookies though, I had key lime pie this evening and it was way better than any Panera cookie I’ve ever had.

Moving along… I am a little late with my week in review post.  I got started with this yesterday, after spending a little more time than I should have on Photoshop.  Then, my guy texted me to let me know he was on his way home from work, so I left my blogging station and got dinner taken care of.  Before I knew it, it was late and my blogging time had passed.  So, a Friday’s post on a Saturday night will have to do for this week.  I almost thought to skip it altogether, but since I had the photos for it and I was all ready to write about what I did, here I am.

I hope nobody cares, but this is going to be a week in photos kind of post.  I am only concerned because I had a whole bunch of photos up at the beginning of the week, and I don’t want anyone getting tired of seeing all the random pictures that I take.  I like to think they help tell about my life, so you all are stuck with seeing some more of them.

And it starts with Sunday:


My guy and the boy were out hunting Sunday morning and I originally thought I would meet them out at the property to take some photos.  I had some things I wanted to get done at home though, so I changed my mind on that.  I got done what I needed to, and spent a little time outside, seam ripping in the sun.  I have many pairs of leggings that are old and have never been worn.  Old as in they’ve been around for years and years.  I’ve been slowly going through my closet and have been back and forth about getting rid of them, but had the great idea to turn them into exercise capris.  All of these leggings that I am talking about are inches above my belly button.  My thinking is that if I remove the elastic, cut the top part off, then fold the cut off, make a yolk, and reattach, I will have several new pairs of workout clothes.  At least they will get worn this way.  I am almost done with the plaid pair, and I think it is going to work.

Also on Sunday, my guy and I got to spend some time by the fire.  With the evenings being so fresh and cool, we actually spent a good couple of nights out sitting by the fire.  October is just a wonderful month!


And speaking of it being so wonderful, I made it to another ballet class this week, and I got to get a week’s worth of daily Vitamin D.  Twenty minute sun sessions a day did wonders for my mood.  It was a good week!


I got back into my daily journal habit.  I have slacked off with this for the last several months and this week I decided enough was enough.  There is only so much I am going to write about over here, so I was missing out on some of the little details that weren’t getting written down as they would have been had I been keeping track of things on a daily basis.  (Did that last sentence make any sense?)


Also this week, the boy and I went grocery shopping.  This is us with two coolers – that can’t be seen – and a back seat full of groceries.  I had to put one of the seat backs down to make sure everything would fit.  That is usually how it is anyway when we do our shopping in the Mini, but the neat thing about this day was that Ethan was in charge of the grocery list.  He’s getting into nutrition and exercise lately, and wants to follow an eating/exercise schedule now, and I am all for encouraging a healthy eating plan.  He even came up with our menu for the week.  This is gonna be great!  I don’t know if I will be eating as many sweet potatoes as he will, but I am not gonna say no when he asks for more fruit and veggies.  I am a happy mommy!  (And that CHIP bag that you see in the center was not part of his plan, nor was it mine.  It was for a pot luck that we just had this evening with friends, and they were Pita chips so they are kind of on the healthy side, right?  I was feeling the need to explain myself, talking all about healthy eating with a bag of chips peeking out in the background…)


And lastly for this week, it is truly fall and I love it.  I only wish that the leaves would stay like this and the days would too.  We are expecting 34 degrees tonight, the first big drop of the season, and I know that everything will be brown and drab in the not too distant future.  Once the kudzu changes, it’s a whole different landscape out there.

4 Replies to “Friday’s Post on Saturday”

  1. What is kudzu? What a fun week glad Ethan’s interested in eating better must have been all that healthy eating you did while you were pregnant not to mention all the healthy baby foods you made him.


    1. Yeah, it’s gonna be nice for him to be making the healthy choices instead of me forcing them on him. Although now that he’s older he gets a little more freedom with his likes and dislikes in the food department. It was a goal of mine to not have him turn out to be a picky eater like his dad…
      Kudzu is a very aggressive vine that overgrows everything around here. I think it is really pretty in the summer and it makes for a nice hedge around our property, but once it gets cold it makes everything look brown since it covers so much.


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