Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 19-20

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Two more weeks and three more dresses.  I was right last time when I said that the weather would mess up any outfit photo opportunities in these last couple of weeks, because it did.  Weeks 19-20 consist of what I wore from February 14th – February the 27th.

Since my original goal was to get at least two dresses worn a week, it would seem I am slacking some.  Maybe now that warmer weather – and hopefully sunnier days – are on their way, I will have more to show next time.  Or not.  You all will just have to wait and see…

Dress29    Dress 29/111 – Made by my (The Nothing but Time dress)

Dress30Dress 30/111 – Atmosphere

Dress31Dress 31/111 – Made by me (Butterick 5748)

I will leave you today with those.  I do have another little challenge that I am participating in, and it does have to do with clothes, but this one isn’t something that I came up with myself.  I want to take part in the Monthly Stitch’s monthly sewing projects, and I’ve finally gotten my January and February makes completed.  I will have more to say on those soon, so stay tuned.  (I’m currently debating whether to overload my home page with outfit posts.)

2 Replies to “Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 19-20”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. For this post, I made the first and the third one. I have quite a few that show up here that I have made though. But still at this point, I think I may own more store bought dresses. That may change soon…


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