Wardrobe Wear Out // Weeks 30 – 35

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I am pretty sure I have my weeks right.  After not having one of these posts up in over a month, and then all those outfit photos for Me Made May, I am a little confused right now about what has been and hasn’t been worn for this challenge.  I should have done a better job organizing these photos on my computer.  What I keep referring to as a ‘little’ challenge has left me feeling like it’s a bit bigger than I originally thought.  Really, I have way too many outfit photos on my computer, and maybe a few too many dresses in my closet.

Where were we?  Oh, yes, last I showed you were dresses 38 and 39.  I remember those days very well.  Number 38 was worn for a work-related event that my guy had, and number 39 was that day we went to Arrington Vineyards.  Since then, I have been to Nashville – many times – finished the school year with my boy, and wore a lot of and made a couple of homemade items.  Let me see if I can do a good job catching up.


Dress 40 – The Springtime in Paris dress.  Perfect for the spring day in which I wore it.


Dress 41 – This me made favorite worn with my newest, most favorite cardigan.  FYI, I found this sweater in the children’s section at Wal-Mart.  It’s an XL and I was happily surprised by how well it fit.  I really should have bought one in every color available because now I can’t find them.


Dress 42 – The Camtastic dress.  One of two new ones that I have added to my collection and worn in recent weeks.


Dress 43 – The Birds of a Feather dress worn for the last day of school.  I really like this one, but every time I wear it, I question the color being a good match for me.  This picture isn’t helping me any, I know.


Dress 44 – Worn for the day in Franklin/Nashville area on Monday.  It’s a nice knit dress, years old from Charlotte Russe, which is a perfect choice when you don’t want to iron.


Lastly, dress 45 – my newest, Madeline’s Maze dress, that I wore yesterday.  It did very well in the the super hot, humid day.  I can see me getting lots of wear out of this one this summer.

I guess I did wear more than I thought in these last several weeks.  I was only thinking there were three that got saved, but then once I started going through pics, I realized I was wrong.  I have passed the half way point of this ‘little’ challenge, and now I have only 17 weeks left to wear the rest of my dresses.  I haven’t started to worry yet, but I might soon if I don’t keep up at this pace.

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone!

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