Good morning.  It’s a different kind of a Monday over here for me, a quiet and a sad one.  How I am currently feeling will surely pass, and I can say I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday.  We, unfortunately, had to say good bye to our four-legged best friend this weekend.  I didn’t think a weekly recap of my life lately, with an, Oh, by the way, would be how I wanted to write this, and Yuki was pretty much a weekly subject of conversation over here since the blog began, so I had to say something about her in her own post.

She hadn’t been feeling well the last couple of weeks.  We had taken her to the vet a couple of times, and all blood work and exams seemed fine, but something just out of sight wasn’t.  She slowly got to feeling worse and worse and we did all we could.

We sure will miss her, it’s not gonna be the same without her, but we have so many wonderful memories to remember her by.  She was the fourth Thorpe in this house, definitely a part of the family.  Her cute little smiling face and her awesome personality will live in our hearts forever – and in the background of so many pictures.  Love you and miss you, Yuki girl! 🙂 ❤

Smiling Yuki

5 Replies to “Sad Things Are Sad”

  1. so sad. so sorry for your loss..losing a best friend like that is for sure disheartening and sad..she is so cute and atleast she is no longer suffering


    1. Thank you so much, Kathy. ❤️
      It was so unexpected so that made it a bit harder. We will be okay. I appreciate your thoughts and kind words.


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