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I am enjoying every minute of this life that I have been blessed with. I have this blog to help document some of it. You can find me writing about life experiences, travels, fashion, and sewing projects. Basically, it's all about me. I update weekly so stop on by and see what I am up to. Thanks for checking it out.


This week was the official start of spring.  The grass has gotten green, the trees have begun to bud, and some of those early blooming flowers have come and already gone.  Yes, Tennessee is gettin purdy again!  So many trees and greenery that has been hidden away.  One […]

An Attempt at Soap

The last week of our spring break has come to an end.  Unfortunately, it just went by too fast, but that really was expected, right?  Doesn’t every week go by that way?  It was for sure a memorable week, and again, another week we were blessed with!  And […]

Spring Break- Week 1:

Every school year we fit in a two week spring break. I always go into every school year thinking a one week break would be sufficient and with only one week of a break, we could be done with our school year one WHOLE week earlier! Well, this […]

Yes, it is March…

I spent a little time wondering today what to write about for my weekly post.  I did not really want to give up on this blog thing just yet, so I had a few ideas, and when I got my first free moment, I was happy to know […]

How Will My Garden Grow?

I have been trying to think what kind of Friday photo to post this week, but the majority of my recent pics involve my boy and the puppy.  I don’t want this blog to be completely overrun by a four footed animal, so my post for the week […]

The Last of the Trip

It was a great trip, and as always, we were sad that it was over.  We are now back to normal life, not on vacation time anymore, and so here is the last post for our February NM trip. The day after skiing, we headed back down to […]