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Simplicity 1803

A Dress for April

Well hello there, blog readers!  It is another month in this sewing challenge of mine, and I have once again finished another dress.  Let me tell ya, I get happier and happier every month with my sewing-self, and it seems I am accumulating many new favorites!  Yet another […]

The Party Dress That Was Not

I threw myself into my next dress project pretty quickly after my February dress was complete.  I wasn’t planning on it being March’s dress, but it could be if I wanna stop sewing for the month.  I have a wedding party to attend in a about a week, […]

February’s Dress

Also known as the Polka-dotted, Polka Dot dress – well, that is what I am calling it anyway.  (Be warned, I probably went a bit overboard with the dress photos today.) This was my first mix and match kind of dress.  I started it without really having any […]

January’s Dress

I just don’t want to make weather appropriate dresses, do I?  Here is another spring/summery dress that I have made and it is probably the coldest month of the year.  Maybe I secretly love the super hot, humid summers, and it is so secret that even I don’t […]

December’s Dress

It was a pretty unproductive sewing month for me, everyone.  I started December’s dress on the 1st and immediately messed it up, got discouraged, and left it where it was until last weekend.  When I picked it up again, it seemed my major mistake could be worked around, […]

The Green Pineapple Dress

Not only is this the green pineapple dress, but also it is my most favorite homemade dress yet!  I had the pattern for a while before finally giving it a try back in October with this dress.  In the mean time, my green pineapple material has just been […]