Category: Made by Me

The Green Pineapple Dress

Not only is this the green pineapple dress, but also it is my most favorite homemade dress yet!  I had the pattern for a while before finally giving it a try back in October with this dress.  In the mean time, my green pineapple material has just been […]

November’s Dress

After last month, when I made a summer dress in the beginning of fall, I decided to go with something for November that would be more seasonally appropriate.  The colors and material both were a great choice for this slowly changing weather. My dress for November was made […]

October’s Dress

Okay, I warned told you there would be a dress post to come, and here it is. why does there always have to be wrinkles? This dress a month thing was not something I came up with all by myself.  Since Me-Made-May, and even since the beginning of […]

Maybe I Should Just Stick to Skirts

September’s Dress No, my title is not implying that Skirtember is continuing on into October.  In fact, I happily wore jeans on Tuesday and a few of my dresses are feeling a lot less neglected this week.  I am talking about my September sewing project.  I didn’t make […]

Unfinished Business

It is getting close to the time of the year that I find myself with some extra free time on Sundays.  This weekend I had a small sample of what my Sundays are soon to be like, so I spent my time alone sewing.  It was Sunday, the […]

Summer Stitches

The whole month of June passed and I made not one bit of clothing.  It took me a little while to get my confidence up to start on another sewing project after Me-Made-May.  I didn’t want a failure, especially since I paid more than clearance price for my […]