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Last year was the start of something our family has really taken to, fishing.  I never would have thought that spending hours out on a boat, in the heat of the sun, casting and reeling in a line would be so much fun to me.  I have only […]

About a Dog

Another great week has come and gone! And here I am, in front of my computer screen, getting a start at my normal Friday at home day. Right now, the dog is sleeping so I probably should be doing something else. Funny how having a puppy is much […]

An Attempt at Soap

The last week of our spring break has come to an end.  Unfortunately, it just went by too fast, but that really was expected, right?  Doesn’t every week go by that way?  It was for sure a memorable week, and again, another week we were blessed with!  And […]

Spring Break- Week 1:

Every school year we fit in a two week spring break. I always go into every school year thinking a one week break would be sufficient and with only one week of a break, we could be done with our school year one WHOLE week earlier! Well, this […]

How Will My Garden Grow?

I have been trying to think what kind of Friday photo to post this week, but the majority of my recent pics involve my boy and the puppy.  I don’t want this blog to be completely overrun by a four footed animal, so my post for the week […]