Category: My So Called Photography

Sunday in Pictures

Today I woke up with two ideas.  One, was to have some donuts for breakfast and two, was to document my day in pictures.  Since my guy was on board with the donut idea,  immediately upon getting out of bed, I got ready and headed to town for […]

Coffee and Photoshop

This evening I accomplished something that I have been trying to do for a few weeks now.  And when I say trying, I mean spending little bits of time here and there at.  What is this thing that I have been trying  to do, you ask?  Well, it […]

And the winner is…

This week I entered a phone photo self portrait contest.  Funny, I am just getting a go at being photographically inclined and I have never thought too much of myself in photos – never mind all of those that I have been posting on Facebook though.  That aside, […]