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On the Road

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to drive anywhere!  One thing that I quite enjoy when traveling to big cities is the use of public transportation.  Buses, trains, subways, and a good old fashioned foot mobile!  We have been to several places that are bigger than the places […]

Oh, the Places We’ll Go…

I have been reading a lot of travel blogs lately.  I probably should quit though cause my guy may be getting tired of me trying to put ideas in his head about ‘our next trip’.  Although, maybe if I keep doing it long enough, he will just give […]

Scenic Sunday

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house and go for a drive! Well, today that is exactly what we did. It wasn’t exactly spur of the moment, we had heard about a drive in the country with plenty of winding roads and beautiful scenery- a […]

Going Somewhere?

Last week my guy asked me one night if I knew what prices to Europe were these days – what?!  Although I do occasionally look up prices for our upcoming ‘imaginary’ trips, it had not been on my to do list lately.  So I, with no hesitation, got […]

The Last of the Trip

It was a great trip, and as always, we were sad that it was over.  We are now back to normal life, not on vacation time anymore, and so here is the last post for our February NM trip. The day after skiing, we headed back down to […]

Red River Day 3

It was the last day skiing.  This is the most we have consecutively skied, three whole days, as a family.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but in my case, three days of horribly uncomfortable ski boots and a ginormous bruise on my left shin from said boots, my […]