Shoe Save Fifteen

Technology is great! This week’s shoe save is being written up via my Iphone as I am listening in on the boy’s piano lesson, and this week another pair of my Docs got saved. These usually don’t come out in the summertime, they do well in the wet […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This week as I was browsing through blogs, I found the Weekly Photo Challenge suggestion. Since this week’s theme is purple and since I just happen to have this lovely purple flower that I have managed to grow in a pot for the second year in a row, […]

My July

Another month almost over, so here are some of my July highlights as told by instagram (sorry to my follower who is viewing via dial up):                  

Before the Summer is Over

We have four full weeks and five fast weekends left of our summer break. (Wasn’t I just writing about how summer just started?) So many things I want to do still, but this week was the week I started ordering school books and going back-to- school shopping. I […]

Shoe Save Fourteen

This week I decided that these sandals were the ones that needed to be saved. They are Skechers brand and they go way back! I never even knew Skechers made anything other than tennis shoes years ago, so I was very surprised that they were, in fact, Skechers. […]


Much like other years before, I was not very successful growing things from seeds. I planted several flower seeds, poppies, daisies, lavender, and sunflowers, and it seems I only got a couple of sunflowers t0 actually spring up. (Wait, I did get some of the poppies and the […]