Shoe Save Eight

Summer is here but for me, it has felt like summer since March.  The weather has been great, almost a little too hot the last few days, but I won’t complain.  We have had lots of sunshine so lots of chances to wear summery shoes which, thanks to […]

Ready, Set, Action!

Right now the morning is moving along, the coffee is getting cold, and the dirt outside is getting dry.  But I got an idea last night, late, so I had to just put a few things on hold this morning and try it out.  I love instagram, the […]

A Week in Pictures

We are getting some summer out of our summer break!  The last few weeks we have enjoyed not doing school work, not having a schedule, and not really having anywhere to be.  This week was a little different.  We still had no schoolwork, but we did have a […]

Shoe Save Seven

Another Saturday has passed and another pair of shoes were saved.  This may be the one day of the week that I spend a little more time to get dressed up and wear a pair of shoes that seldom see the light of day.  These are my Target […]

A Farm Life

I do not live on a farm, I have never lived on a farm, and I have never wanted to live on a farm.  However, the family property in Tennessee is becoming more and more like a farm everyday!  (Please note that this ‘family property’ is not the […]

Going Somewhere?

Last week my guy asked me one night if I knew what prices to Europe were these days – what?!  Although I do occasionally look up prices for our upcoming ‘imaginary’ trips, it had not been on my to do list lately.  So I, with no hesitation, got […]