Flowers for Friday

I guess I just can’t get enough of blogging these last few weeks!  Here I am, again, with another post.  Some people do a post a day, so compared to them, I am lacking it would seem.  But for me, I am doing quite well – my goal […]

Shoe Save Five

  I am moving right along in my second Shoe Challenge. It is pretty easy to wear different shoes with the weather being so nice! These are one of my ‘cheap’ shoes. I got them at a box store because they were my size and I tend to […]

Tag, You’re It!

My sister ‘blog tagged’ me last week and since I accepted her tag, I have a post idea all ready to write about for this week. However, this ready to write about topic did take some considering before I actually got it on here. The way this works: […]

It’s My Name

Today was an exciting blog day, I now have a domain name.  Really exciting, I know!  Well, for me it is.  There is now no need to add the to my blog address: just  I am also trying a few new things out on my site, […]

So Long, Fifth

I would have to say that this year may have been the fastest year of the last eleven!  I think, though, that once your ‘baby’ has made it to this point, the rest, I am told, goes by even faster!  I sure hope that is not the case. […]

Double Shoe Save

So far I have documented two shoe saves since my start on April 1st.  If I at least document a save a week, I will make my way through my shoes with time to spare, or time to save any new pairs I might end up adding to […]