Shoe Save Two

This week I had the chance to save two pairs of shoes. My previously injured foot is finally starting to heal, and it does seem – just like my guy said – that it is getting better and I will be able to wear all of my normal […]

Homemade First-Aid

Several years back I took an herbal wildcrafting class at my local community college. I learned a lot in this class and have made several tinctures, salves, teas, and infusions using many of the powerful healing herbs that I learned about or have since researched. The only thing […]

Sunday in Pictures

Today I woke up with two ideas.  One, was to have some donuts for breakfast and two, was to document my day in pictures.  Since my guy was on board with the donut idea,  immediately upon getting out of bed, I got ready and headed to town for […]

Three Things…

Every blogger has a ‘Top’ list blog post and as I was logging in to wordpress this evening I thought, I should write one of those posts too.  It should be easy enough…  Hmm, most would have a ‘top ten’ list of something but since I am going […]

Shoe Save One

In addition to blogging about whatever, I am also writing about shoes as I mentioned a few posts back.  I know I have a limited audience for this topic, so I will keep it brief.  Since I hurt my foot about a month ago, I have been very […]


Last year was the start of something our family has really taken to, fishing.  I never would have thought that spending hours out on a boat, in the heat of the sun, casting and reeling in a line would be so much fun to me.  I have only […]