Photo Friday: View From Above

Today is the first day of our ‘annual’ Feburary ski trip. I say ‘annual’ and ‘ski trip,’ but this is really only the second such trip, and really I am the only skier amongst the three of us. My guy and my boy snowboard. Perhaps I should give […]

Where the Snow Is

It has been awhile and another trip is about to be underway.  Little did we know back in October that this winter would be, so far, nonexistent!  In October, we planned a skiing trip to our former state of NM for some fun in the snow.  We were […]

Photo Friday: Puppy

I have somewhat of a goal to write a post a week.  Not every week is super exciting in my everyday life so, based on some ideas I have gotten from blogs I read, I have decided that a ‘Photo Friday’ post will help to make my weekly […]

Shoe Challenge Complete!

I did it!  A whole year, well three weeks shy of it, and I have managed to wear all of the shoes I included in my Shoeper Shoe Challenge!  I started out with 28 pairs of shoes and ended up with 32.  I am still trying to figure […]

Coffee and Photoshop

This evening I accomplished something that I have been trying to do for a few weeks now.  And when I say trying, I mean spending little bits of time here and there at.  What is this thing that I have been trying  to do, you ask?  Well, it […]