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The Thursday Thrift // August

Fall is getting closer, and last week I could feel it.  This week, however, well the weather is back to summer.  It’s been hot and humid and based on the temperature outside, fall seems like a very distant event.  I am just waiting for the perfect fall day […]

The Last Week of Summer

It had to happen, summer break finally had to come to an end.  Alas, I am here with my final Friday post of the summer – and it is actually on a Friday.  I was starting to doubt this post’s existence, but since I am opting out of […]

Last Week…

I have had plenty on my plate of life lately.  So much so that I have not found much time to do all that I want.  Last week kept me busier than I would have liked, and I don’t see it being much different this week.  But before […]