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According to my handy dandy, WordPress insights, Mondays are the days that my blog gets the most views. So I decided not to leave you all hanging and make sure that I got something posted here today.  Ah, Monday, we meet again.  I may not entirely be ready […]

Friday July 24th

I have slacked off some with my daily journal writing in the physical sense.  These days my actual journal book is just used as a prop for these weekly pictures.  Since I do keep up with the basic run down of my week over here on the blog […]

Black, in the Summer?

Every so often, okay all the time, I have these what to wear moments.  It usually goes like this: I have something planned out, ironed, and ready to go, then end up with a completely different mindset and decide that my original intention just won’t work.  I’m pretty […]

Thoughts for a Tuesday

I woke up the other morning, turned on my phone and saw that I had 17 text messages.  I sleepily picked it up and started scrolling through my text feed when I saw that a friend had posted a picture of school supplies on sale at Walmart.  What! […]

Fun, Food, and Weeds

I hate that I am starting to think of school related things already.  There is still plenty left of summer, but that little responsible planning voice in the back of my head is starting to get my attention more and more as the hot days pass on.  But […]

Finally, A New Theme

I haven’t been through many themes here on WordPress.  When I find one that I like, I usually stick with it for a really long time.  Not that I don’t look for others to try, I have been hunting for a new one for a while now, I […]