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Another High Five for Friday!

It’s Friday and technically the end of my first week of summer break.  It was not much of a break, however, and I am happy to say that next week will be my first official week of not having anything to do school related.  As far as this […]

High Five for Friday!

Another long week, and another week that I am happy it’s Friday.  I was out and about more than my usual this week, and I am not done yet.  There are still a few more trips to be made, but at least it’s almost the weekend and I […]

About Last Week…

As I mentioned before, last week was our spring break.  It would have been nice if it had been more spring-like, but it was a break so it was good.  It started out with snow and ice that lasted for days, and leaving the house Monday was not […]

Spring Fever

We all probably have it right now, spring fever.  I know I do.  I was given a small taste of it last weekend when it was a wonderful 70 degrees on Sunday.  I wore shorts and washed my car, it was weird.  You won’t usually find me in […]

The Cold Weather Blues

Frozen streams and plenty of layers. I am ready for this cold weather to be gone.  I have warned you all before that I tend to complain about the weather.  Usually my complaint is that it is too humid, but lately, it has just been too cold!  Highs […]