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Fourteen Weeks of Summer

One week down, thirteen left to go!  This was the first week of our summer break.  The week is nearly over, and considering it is a break, it was very comparable to a typical busy week of school.  We were everywhere this week and I had high hopes […]

Me Made May: Week 2

I am a day early with this week’s Me-Made-May post, but I don’t really think anyone will notice.  So, when the month started, I endeavored to wear one ‘me made‘ outfit a week for the whole month of May. This week, I wore two, and finally got my […]

Me Made May: Week 1

My first week of Me-Made-May and I haven’t started any of my three projects yet.  I shopped for some material though, and I did wear my first me-made article of clothing.  This skirt is what I have to show for week one (or should I just refer to […]

Me Made May

I just signed up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13.  For this month I endeavour to wear at least one Me-Made outfit each week for the duration of May 2013.  In addition, I will also have three new, Me-Made projects completed before the month is over.  I also […]

A Project for Another Day

I have had fast internet all week, and it has been great!  Now, of course, once I say this, my internet is sure to drop immediately and I will be back to pulling my hair out in frustration, and resort to viewing and finishing my blog post on […]


I recently dusted off my quilting hoop and I am currently carrying my thimble in my purse at all times.  And since the latest Friendly Quilting Project is almost done, it is my turn to have a quilt of my choice made. I thought the hard part was […]