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That Time of the Year

It is that time of the year again. The time when the freezing temperatures roll in, and the grass is a white-ish grey in the early morning. When some mornings, more time is needed to get out of the driveway because there is a layer of ice coating […]

You Found Me

Hi, my friendly followers: Dad, Mom, Sister, Facebook friends, friends, and a few others! How are things over on your side of the internet? Being just under two months shy of my first year blogging, I sometimes find myself curious about how many views I’ve had and where […]

Tag, You’re It!

My sister ‘blog tagged’ me last week and since I accepted her tag, I have a post idea all ready to write about for this week. However, this ready to write about topic did take some considering before I actually got it on here. The way this works: […]

It’s My Name

Today was an exciting blog day, I now have a domain name.  Really exciting, I know!  Well, for me it is.  There is now no need to add the .wordpress.com to my blog address: just rejoicefortheday.com.  I am also trying a few new things out on my site, […]