Shoe Save Twenty Two

Can I just get something out in the open? I may be cheating some with these last two shoe saves – well not really, but let me explain. I am now very, very busy! I am teaching 6th grade, and then some. I am finding the time for the gym & working out – kind of. I have an indoor dog that needs at least one walk a day, and I try and have dinner ready by 6:00 every night. Not to mention the driving between three counties at least two times a week, and the boy’s piano and gymnastics classes. Whew, I am getting tired just trying to remember everything I have to do!

For the last month this has been pretty much my busy life. I used to have Friday’s and the weekends to mess around on my blog and some time during the week to mess with pictures and play with photoshop for my shoe challenge posts. Now, I am limited to much less time during the week for this kind of thing, and last week, I took advantage of one day and started my shoe save write up before the said save actually took place. I already knew what I was gonna wear so I got the pictures taken and then started with some of the details beforehand. Had I not been able to wear the shoes and get them saved on the day planned, I would have trashed the post and waited for another day – I am honest about it! Should I be telling on myself? Well, I am, and I did it again this week with Shoe Save Twenty Two.

While out taking pictures for my Skirtember round up, I planned for my weekly shoe save – which usually happens on Saturday. (This pair and one other are what I have left of summer shoes – I think?) Since I had the tripod out and the sun was shining, I got dressed up for Saturday and took some pictures of my anticipated saving of these.

It’s not Saturday yet in this pic, but this is what I expected to look like come Saturday.

These shoes are not what I would have bought had they been regularly priced. I found them at Goodwill last spring; they were brand new, and they were less than $10.00! Oh, yeah, and they were my size EXACTLY! How could I pass them up, even if they would only get worn once? Well thanks to this week’s save they have been worn twice! They are Colin Stuart brand – I think my fourth pair of this brand. They very much are summery and up until my last save, they were my tallest pair. They are sticking around and maybe will get worn again next year!

*And I did, in fact, get these shoes saved this weekend! One more down and not too many left…

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