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Dear Diary 2019 0

Dear Diary 2019: The Coldest Week of the Year

Good morning! Hope everyone is keeping warm.  Thankfully, we woke up to much warmer weather today than we’ve had in several days.  In fact, it probably warmed up overnight, and […]

Dear Diary 2019 0

Dear Diary 2019: The Week it Was Kind of Like Winter

Hello, hello!  How has your week been?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Go anywhere far and away? Me?  I stayed pretty close to home and kept as warm as possible, […]

Made by Me 4

Me Made Monday: A Finished McCall’s 6754

I’m back and I am posting about one of my recent me-mades.  And, in an effort to stay on top of what I want to make, I think I’d like […]

Dear Diary 2019 1

2019, So Far…

Three weeks in to the new year and it’s been raining the whole time!  When will the sun shine again?!  I am exaggerating a bit, but really it feels like […]

Dear Diary 2019 0

Hello, 2019!

I’ve finally found my way back to the blog again.  I was starting to wonder myself when I’d be back.  (I know we are already almost half way through the […]

Dear Diary 2018 0

Dear Diary 2018: Week 52

Whew, 2018 was a fast one, or was that just me that thought so?  So much goes on each year, I am glad I have a place to keep up […]