Dear Diary: My Life Last Week

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Last week had it’s shares of ups and downs.  In the book of my life, I’d say last week wasn’t my best.  All is much better now, and things this week are starting off well.  Besides all the personal drama (being a bit dramatic am I?), I was pretty busy last week.  My life as I now know it is all about getting into a new routine.  Still working on that, actually.  Nothing is the same for me right now.  No school for me this year or teaching, no boy at home, less cooking and cleaning, and the muscadines are behind schedule.  See, my regular day to day is all out of sorts!  But I do remember what I did last week, so that’s good.  Here’s my recap.


Spent the WHOLE day steam cleaning the boy’s room.  It was a mess! And what’s worse, I think my room may actually be dirtier.  So, so happy with the carpet cleaner I bought that weekend.  Now to get to the other two carpeted rooms of the house…


Did some shopping for a party I was attending on Wednesday.  A friend of mine retired from nursing and we had planned on a surprise garden party for her Wednesday afternoon.  Since the weather was calling for high heat and rain, we decided to take it inside.  I had things to get ready for that, and also did some sewing.  Nothing for me, made my boy some curtains for his new place and a mask for his gymnastics job.  Then, like I said, got stuff ready for Wednesday.  My guy had a town meeting this evening so he was home late and I got to make due with very minimal cooking and cleaning.  Did make the gym and got a great workout in.  I joke that I am the red, sweaty face iPhone emoji when I work out.  I very much was this day!


Indoor garden party!  There was food, games, friends, and just a wonderful day all around.  This was all I did this day.  Didn’t make it home in time for my gym class and we had plenty of leftovers from the weekend, so I didn’t even have to cook.  Love it when that happens.  🙂


Hit 150,000 miles in my car this week (actually happened on Tuesday, but needed a picture for Thursday).  She’s still going and with the exception of a small oil leak, there’s not much else wrong with her.  Her being Lucy Cooper, my car.  Everyone names their car, right?  On Thursday though, I bottled wine.  The last batch of peach wine I made was just like the first, not that good.  So, I mixed it with some muscadine I had that didn’t fit in a barrel, and, voila, Peachy Muscadine it is!  And it’s pretty good.  We like it anyway.


Nearing the end of last week, I got my wine bottles in that I ordered the weekend before.  I had them do a dock delivery to save me an extra fork lift charge had they delivered to my house.  Got a nice pallet of wine bottles ready for my next bottling.  The most I’ve ever had to bottle!  And it’s all good wine too!  Perhaps I can finally say I am getting better at wine making?  Hopefully I can perfect a recipe of red this year.  All depending on how many red grapes I end up with.  That’s kind of still up in the air at this point.  I do know we will have some though and a smaller crop than last year wouldn’t be too bad.

Saturday and Sunday

It was much like any other weekend, except Stephen had work to do so nothing too exciting to speak of.  A couple of homebodies we are lately.  I’d been waiting for a futon to come in stock at IKEA Memphis, then got a sponsored ad from Kohl’s with one I liked better.  How did they know I was in need of a futon?  Hmmmm?  Anyway, got online and ordered it Saturday evening and got a notification that it shipped yesterday.  This will be for the extra bedroom (in black), but will temporarily be our living room couch since what we ordered for the living room still won’t be in until mid-September.  It will be nice to have a couch to sit on again, ha ha!  Ended the weekend playing Scrabble and here we are already into another week.  Time just keeps going on.  Not gonna complain about that.  ❤  Have a great rest of your week!


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