The Thursday Thrift // A Look Back…

Hello, readers, and perhaps thrifters.  If you stopped on by for my bi-weekly thrifting event, you may be disappointed.  I hate to do this again, but there isn’t anything thrifted that I have to show you today.  It seems I have finally come to an end of showcasing all of the blog-worthy, thrifted items in my wardrobe.  With the exception of only a couple things, really, I have nothing left that hasn’t been on the blog for this Thursday Thrift theme.  If I went with the outfit I was thinking of for today’s post, it would probably have been even worse than that one time I wrote about those awful jeans.  So I spared you all, sweaters aren’t that exciting anyway.  Well, some of them are…

This last year was a great year as far as the blog went, but as far as thrifting goes, I don’t think I did well with that at all.  In fact, thinking back on it, I didn’t do much thrifting or me shopping, with the exception of fabric and a time or two to Kohl’s for some super coupon sales; I had a pretty thrift free year.  I didn’t even make it into Plato’s Closet once and that is a big surprise to me!

So enough of the excuses.  I counted up last year’s Thursday Thrift posts, I had 21 of them – not bad!  That means I only missed a few for the year.  Seeing as this year is off to an un-thrifty start, I am modifying my posting schedule some.  (I have been thinking about doing this for a while now.)  Instead of my normal first and third Thursday, I am switching things up to start the year off, and going with the last Thursday of the month for my Thursday Thrift posts.  I know I may be talking to the computer here, but if anyone else has anything thrifted in their outfit posts and would like to be linked to in my post, leave me a comment when the Thursday Thrift rolls around and I will add your info.  I would like to eventually get a blog hop going with this, but for now, it is mostly the same only a little less frequently.

Hope you all have enjoyed my posts and I will look forward to making my thrift store and yard sale rounds this 2015.

I leave you with a few of my favorite Thursday Thrift posts from the last year.  Thanks everyone for your likes, comments, and follows!  I am happy to have you all reading along.

geometric patterned skirt

  I wasn’t too sure about this skirt initially, but I have really taken to it, and like it just as it is.  I never ended up shortening it and I think the length is now perfect.

Thursday Thrift jewelry edit

Restyled, thrifted jewelry that I won… Oh, happy day!  I think these little accessories are gorgeous!

vintage black dress       My favorite from the year, this lovely dress that my mom found for me.  I like everything about it.

That is all from me for today.  I will be back again soon with another post, and the next one won’t be about thrifting.  Enjoy the rest of this cold, January day.  Cold for me that is.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Thursday Thrift // A Look Back…

  1. My experience with thrifting is that you may come in 10 times and there is nothing and then you go in and there are three items at the same time. It is thrifting, not shopping. Happy New Year

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nicole. I know what you mean. And there is a little bit of hide and seek in there with it. Clothes hunting is also a good way to put it. 😉

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