The Thursday Thrift // A Look Back…

Hello, readers, and perhaps thrifters.  If you stopped on by for my bi-weekly thrifting event, you may be disappointed.  I hate to do this again, but there isn’t anything thrifted that I have to show you today.  It seems I have finally come to an end of showcasing all of the blog-worthy, thrifted items in my wardrobe.  With the exception of only a couple things, really, I have nothing left that hasn’t been on the blog for this Thursday Thrift theme.  If I went with the outfit I was thinking of for today’s post, it would probably have been even worse than that one time I wrote about those awful jeans.  So I spared you all, sweaters aren’t that exciting anyway.  Well, some of them are…

This last year was a great year as far as the blog went, but as far as thrifting goes, I don’t think I did well with that at all.  In fact, thinking back on it, I didn’t do much thrifting or me shopping, with the exception of fabric and a time or two to Kohl’s for some super coupon sales; I had a pretty thrift free year.  I didn’t even make it into Plato’s Closet once and that is a big surprise to me!

So enough of the excuses.  I counted up last year’s Thursday Thrift posts, I had 21 of them – not bad!  That means I only missed a few for the year.  Seeing as this year is off to an un-thrifty start, I am modifying my posting schedule some.  (I have been thinking about doing this for a while now.)  Instead of my normal first and third Thursday, I am switching things up to start the year off, and going with the last Thursday of the month for my Thursday Thrift posts.  I know I may be talking to the computer here, but if anyone else has anything thrifted in their outfit posts and would like to be linked to in my post, leave me a comment when the Thursday Thrift rolls around and I will add your info.  I would like to eventually get a blog hop going with this, but for now, it is mostly the same only a little less frequently.

Hope you all have enjoyed my posts and I will look forward to making my thrift store and yard sale rounds this 2015.

I leave you with a few of my favorite Thursday Thrift posts from the last year.  Thanks everyone for your likes, comments, and follows!  I am happy to have you all reading along.

geometric patterned skirt

  I wasn’t too sure about this skirt initially, but I have really taken to it, and like it just as it is.  I never ended up shortening it and I think the length is now perfect.

Thursday Thrift jewelry edit

Restyled, thrifted jewelry that I won… Oh, happy day!  I think these little accessories are gorgeous!

vintage black dress       My favorite from the year, this lovely dress that my mom found for me.  I like everything about it.

That is all from me for today.  I will be back again soon with another post, and the next one won’t be about thrifting.  Enjoy the rest of this cold, January day.  Cold for me that is.  🙂

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