This Skirt Has Nothing to do With the Circus

geometric patterned skirt

circle patterned skirt

My closet is like one of those little, colorful circus cars that stops and all of these clowns start pouring out.  Except, instead of clowns there are skirts, and instead of a little car it’s a small square sized room, and being inside of my closet is not nearly as entertaining as being at the circus.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten our minds on circus acts and little yellow cars, let’s move on to what this post is really supposed to be about, this week’s Thursday Thrift and my never ending supply of second hand skirts.  I have given up on saying that this is finally the last thrifted skirt that I have to show on this here blog, because I am sure another one will come crawling out of my closet before the week is over.  And it’s not like I’ve even been thrifting lately, it’s just that there is apparently no end to all of the skirts that I have.  Is that so bad, really?  A closet full of skirts?  Maybe, especially because this closet is not an expanding one, and it is getting fuller by the month.

The skirt, it’s white with black circles of different sizes; a geometric style and therefore something that had to come home with me while out yard saleing sometime last year.  It is a little big in the waist but sits pretty comfortable on the hips and after wearing it two times and thinking each time that it should be shortened, I think I am gonna move it into the sewing room and introduce it to my handy dandy scissors.  Having it be knee length will be just what makes me wear it more often.  I still just love the pattern too much to get rid of it, but with a little alteration, I think it will end up in my regular clothing rotation.  What do you think, perfect length or off with the hem?

Any other thrifters out there?  Leave me a link, I’d love to check out your bargain styles!

Linking up with: Passion for Fashion & Simple Sequins

Details:  Shirt – Bongo || Skirt – Giorgio Fiorlini (thrifted) || Shoes – Doc Martens (ebay) || Necklace – DIY

3 Replies to “This Skirt Has Nothing to do With the Circus”

    1. A Thrift Queen Crown, you must be a pro! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and the link. I see, you’re a thrifter AND someone who sews, we have a few things in common.


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