Weekend Happenings and I Really Need to Wear Some Shoes

Really, because my shoes won’t save themselves if I’m not wearing them!  I’m taking about this little shoe challenge I am taking part in, for the third time, and why I am only wearing the same three pairs over and over again.  I don’t know where I am in this challenge of mine, nor do I know how many I have left to go, also, it has been about over a month since I have documented any such shoes that I can now officially call saved.  I wanna say the pairs that I have left are pairs that I want to keep, so I best be getting them worn.

weekend splurgeAs far as the weekend goes, it felt like a long one.  A long weekend is never a bad thing, am I right?  There was dinner out, some great fellowship with friends, grocery shopping, and a vacation booking.  Also, steak dinner – that my guy cooked – and gelato.  Yum, gelato!  Somewhere between sour cream and the check out line at the grocery store, this delicious little container made its way into the grocery basket.  Have I ever said aloud how much I enjoy Stephen going grocery shopping with us?  Well, maybe I still haven’t said it, cause in this case the written form is not the same as the spoken word.  I might have to tell him this, although I think he already knows.

That vacation booking?  Yes, there was that also.  We had a great idea Saturday morning while sitting out on the back deck drinking coffee.  I reminded my guy about an upcoming paid day off that he has, so I thought to check the calendar and see which day of the week this would be.  A Friday, which translates into a three day weekend, woo hoo!  Let’s just go to the beach he says.

Okay, fine by me.  Which beach, seeing we live in a landlocked state?

I don’t know, let’s just get in the car and drive south.

What a wonderful plan!  Then on Sunday, I googled to see which beach was the closest to where we lived and I was a bit surprised to find that the Great Lake beaches were suggested as a destination.  When I think of Great Lakes, I think of cold water and chasing sea gulls, not clear water and beach bums.

Running on Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan and all of those sea gulls, not exactly what we had in mind.

Somewhere in the Gulf is what we were thinking, so Pensacola Beach it is.  Oh, and this three day weekend has now turned into a four day one – bonus!  Spontaneity at its finest!  We are so ready for a vacation, even a long weekend away will do.  I can’t wait.

There was also some yard work in the middle of all this vacation talk, and a couple of stray dogs lingering around to deal with.  Those, however, were not completely dealt with, and I’m afraid there may be some trouble with them to come should they decide to keep hanging around.  One has already shown himself to be a bit of a nuisance at my neighbors place and I am not really happy about skiddish, strays hanging around the house.

And that was my weekend in a nice little summed-up blog post.  Now, on with the rest of this week…

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