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The Weeks of Florida and Debt Free

Good morning!  I’m back and feeling particularly motivated for a Monday morning.  How has everyone been?  I’ve been here, behind the scenes, keeping as busy as ever.  I’ve avoided the blog, I know, but I am back to catch up on my month so far.  Let’s see if […]

Vacation Journal: Days 5 and 6

Thursday, November 5th: So our trip is getting close to being over and I can’t believe it.  Why does a week away always seem to go so fast?  (Although, for you reading about it, it may seem like it’s gone on long enough.)  This day found us on […]

Vacation Journal: Day 4

Wednesday, November 4th: The parks are out of the way, so today is the day for shopping.  I love vacation shopping!  It’s almost as if you get to spend money and it doesn’t count. When we plan for a trip, we usually plan ahead.  That means there is […]

Vacation Journal: Day 3

Tuesday, November 3: We were up just a little bit later today than we were yesterday, but only by twenty minutes.  We still made it to breakfast before any kind of a crowd, and we still made it back to the theme park just as they were opening. […]

Vacation Journal: Day 1

Sunday, November the 1st was the end of daylight savings time, and it was the day we were headed to Florida for the week.  Our plan was to leave at 4:00 am, seeing we had a twelve hour drive ahead of us, but the boy talked us into […]