Four Hundred Feet Above Orlando

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The Orlando Eye

I am throwing back this Thursday to last month when we were in Orlando for one more post about the trip.  I never elaborated about our evening on the Orlando Eye, and since I had more than enough photos from the night, I couldn’t just not do a post about it.  So here’s a nice little Throwback Thursday, photo post for today.

Orlando Eye loading 2

Like I know I’ve already mentioned, the place we were staying was right across the street from the Eye, and we had walked by this place nightly while out looking for restaurants and things to do.  It wasn’t until the third day in Orlando that we made our way onto that huge Ferris wheel though.

Orlando Eye loading

The biggest question for us about the ride was daytime or nighttime?  I kind of prefer to see the views from these things at night.  I find it quite relaxing to just gaze out over cities when the evening is in full glow.  My guys agreed.

Orlando Eye EJ's view

It was a great attraction.  There was a small 3-D movie about it right before, which was kind of lame, but the ride itself was really cool.  I don’t remember how long it lasted, the wheel moved very slowly, and I don’t usually pay much attention to time while on vacation.

Orlando Eye pod

Orlando Eye 2

The height of the wheel I do know, it was 400 feet.  I thought for sure the London Eye seemed taller, but I just looked it up, and it’s only by a little bit:  400′ compared to 443′.

Orlando Eye top view

Orlando Eye top view 1

Why this one seemed so much smaller to me probably had to do with the size of the city we were in.

Orlando Eye view

Orlando, 400 ft up by night, what a pretty sight!

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