It has been a very busy week over here in my neck of the woods.  I’ve been up to a little bit of everything, and I am happy to say that I have been especially busy with the blog.  After this post, I will have posted everyday, Monday through Friday, for two weeks in a row now.  (Personal blog goal achieved!)  I’ve finally got a working schedule over here and I like it.  Of course, now that I brought it to everyone’s attention, my computer won’t start up the next time I power down and all my photos will be locked up inside it until we can get around to fixing the problem.  And my blog will suffer because of it.  I know all to well about this ‘possible scenario’.   I’ve been having computer issues lately, and in every free moment I’ve had this last weekend with a working computer, I was here at my desk, cropping and saving photos to WordPress that way should it go out for good, I’d be a step ahead for a little while.  That was my problem until earlier this week when my guy figured it all out and got a new video card.  Everything is working 100% now – so far.  This little problem brought to our attention the fact that this ole computer of ours is getting old.

Well, enough of that little tangent, I’ve had computer issues and I guess I am still getting over it.  But, back to this week, in iPhone photos, because photos seem to tell such a nice little story, don’t they?

Monday the boy and I headed to Nashville and Franklin.  He had a dentist appointment and I needed bulk groceries and wine making supplies.  I got the groceries taken care of, but unfortunately I will have to go back another day for the wine stuff.  Winter hours were on, and the store was closed on Monday.  That just left us with a little more time to shop.  Or window shop rather.  As much as I would have loved to have spent more money, the things that I had spied out weren’t really necessities this particular day.  It’s okay, I enjoyed my browsing, probably more than the boy did.

boutique store browsing

Tuesday we had lots of school to do.  Also, I had lots of cooking to do.  I managed to have dinner made before lunchtime, and that was because I got invited, last minute, to a friends house for a couple of hours later in the day.  How can I turn down time to spend with some of my favorite people while working on sewing projects?  I was there!  After this it was straight to the boy’s piano lesson and then to the gym for my evening workout.  I was very happy to have come home to a nice crock-pot of simmering soup when the day was all said and done.

latest sewing project

Wednesday I was finally home for most of the day.  We got school done and I made it to the gym as planned.  This is my ‘easy’ day at the gym.  I don’t spend much time with weights, it’s usually just a Hiit class, followed by time at the pull-up tower, and a quick go on a couple of leg machines.  My boy has gymnastics this evening so my time here is limited.

the view as I was leaving to the gym

Thursday I was home, again, and it was wonderful – two days in a row.  We did our regular school work for the day, which has been so easy this year compared to others.  High school isn’t that bad at all, says Ethan.  Once the school instruction was done and the work was underway, I got to rack my newest batch of wine that I started last week.  I tasted it which is something I don’t usually do this early.


All that white, frothy foam on the top never makes me feel the least bit inclined to take a sip.  But, I was surprised, it was good.  I have high hopes for this one.  It was supposed to be white wine, and I’d say is 99.5% made of white grapes, but I foolishly threw in a couple of red ones that I had picked with these and it turned it all pink.  Duh!

I will call it a Blushing Carlos

Also today was the day I put a whole bunch of meat away from my guy’s successful morning hunt last Sunday.  We’ve been staying away from a lot of red meat since June, and as our freezer gets more full, I realize I am going to have to start meal planning a little differently.  Not a problem at all.

And now, here I am on Friday.  I have just as much to do today as any other day, and I have no plans to be anywhere away from home so I can probably get it all done.  Three whole days close to home, I may have to go out for an afternoon drive or something.  Or, I could stay in and bypass my latest sewing project in favor of starting something new.  I got more material this week, and I already see myself wearing a new dress from it.


Now to decide which pattern to make…

And that was my week, how about yours?  Tell me, what have you been up to?  Anything exciting?

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