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The 51st Friday of 2017

I am gonna use a little help from my iPhone for this week’s post.  Instead of the 51st week of 2017 it should say My Week According to my Camera Roll… Sunday: My wonderful family of three headed to Nashville this rainy Sunday morning.  We were ready and […]

The 47th Friday of 2017

Getting going on a Monday is sometimes hard enough, but let me tell you, it’s even harder after a long weekend away.  We had the chance to spend the end of last week on the beach, and it was wonderful.  The perfect mini vacation at just the right […]

The 36th Friday of 2017

What a week!  And what a wonderful week!  I’m feeling really good right now: it’s Friday, the weekend is before me, and my guy is trying to play the guitar to one of my current favorite songs in the background.  I have all the good mood feels going […]

The 35th Friday of 2017

I feel like it was such a productive week, ya’ll!  (I know, I said I would never use that word again; but I couldn’t help it.)  I’m a happy grape grower this week.  Lot’s and lots of muscadines were picked, and as of right now I have three […]

The 31st Friday of 2017

On time and it feels great!  I had a nice productive day, I even cleaned my bathroom, and I couldn’t be happier.  I had so much to do today, and I am managing to get my regular Friday post up on time, go me!  Yes, it is that […]