Getting going on a Monday is sometimes hard enough, but let me tell you, it’s even harder after a long weekend away.  We had the chance to spend the end of last week on the beach, and it was wonderful.  The perfect mini vacation at just the right time.  The weather was a little on the cool side, but I am not going to complain about any of it.

I won’t skip week 47 of 2017, even though it mostly involved getting ready for our trip and I really want to post all the beach pictures; but because I am keeping with my weekly posting theme, you all will have to wait a couple more days to see just the beach/vacation photos.  Today, what I have is from the iPhone camera roll and they are about last week.

The 47th week started early on Sunday with me racking wine while my guys were hunting.  I’m half way through racking all the summer wine, and should have it all done by the beginning of next month.  Then all that’s left will be for it to sit and wait some more.  I ended this day finishing another dress for the Etsy shop, taking pictures, and getting it posted.  It was a long day, but a good day.  (FYI, I have a CyberMonday sale running through tomorrow on my Etsy listings.  10% off!)

Monday was grade papers day.  I pretty much sat at the school table, taught the boy, and graded papers until it was time to make dinner and head to the gym.  It was tedious work, but it always has to be done.  A cup of tea has been added to my daily task of grading.  I could become a tea person yet.

Tuesday there was more school.  Also, cat found the back yard this week, and Yuki wasn’t so sure about the turf invader.  It got cold and just as I thought, I felt bad for the cat being outside.  I have been leaving the garage door open for her so she is able to get out of the wind, but I am standing my ground, she won’t become an inside cat, ever.  Sorry, Mittens.  (Did I mention her named changed?)

Wednesday there was more school and then that final bit of house cleaning and packing before our trip.  I also hit Walmart this day to get some to-go items for traveling since most things won’t be open the day we leave.  Mistake!  Everyone in town was there, which I should have known being it was the day before Thanksgiving.  I made it out okay and skipped on the gym even though it would probably have been a nice night to go.  It was probably pretty vacant.

Thursday we traveled.  It took about 7 hours to get to Gulf Shores, not bad at all.  Also, no one was traveling so the road was nice and traffic free.  We spent some time walking around the beach, which was windy and cold, then we checked in to our Air B and B rental.  It was our first time using the service and all went well.  I think the website pics of the place were a little more ‘enhanced’ than I thought, cause the room was a little more rundown than we expected.  But even so, we liked it just fine and will definitely use the rental service again.  We found a nice place on the beach for dinner and called it a day.

(An extra seat at the table for Cousin Caleb. We were all very happy to have him make the trip with us.)

We finished the rest of the week in Gulf Shores and I will have more about that up here before this week is over.  Now I have photos to upload and edit, grading to do from last week’s work, and thankfully a house that is already clean.  Everything is back to normal today.  🙂

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