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A Barn in Autumn

It was a misty November 3rd when I took this pictures for my Fall Barn photo.  I was waiting for the leaves to change on the bushes beside the barn, but I couldn’t wait much longer.  Besides the grass and field brush, there wasn’t much of a color […]

The 47th Friday of 2017

Getting going on a Monday is sometimes hard enough, but let me tell you, it’s even harder after a long weekend away.  We had the chance to spend the end of last week on the beach, and it was wonderful.  The perfect mini vacation at just the right […]

The 41st Friday of 2017

Project Organization is well under way, and I am right in the middle of it.  However, currently the house is a mess; things are everywhere!  The contents of closets are in the living room, there is a line of things awaiting a trip to the attic, and a […]

The 40th Friday of 2017

Big blog news this week!  Dun da da dun… I updated my theme!  It’s always a big deal for me when this happens.  I find so many that I like, just to be disappointed once I demo my site with all these themes that never work out.  This […]

Sunday’s Snaps

The weather has been just wonderful the last couple of days over here in West Tennessee.  It really seems like winter is on its way out, and Sunday was the perfect example of such.  I know, winter could still show its face anytime in the next several weeks, […]