Sunday’s Snaps

The weather has been just wonderful the last couple of days over here in West Tennessee.  It really seems like winter is on its way out, and Sunday was the perfect example of such.  I know, winter could still show its face anytime in the next several weeks, but according to the extended forecast, maybe not.  I hope not; I am really liking these recent spring-like temperatures.


Sunday, the family and I were all ready to spend our day out working in the weather that I am speaking of; but instead, we had a nice short walk about the property and enjoyed some non-working time outdoors instead.

With only an iPhone in hand, I managed to snap a few pictures from the day that didn’t come out too badly considering I was taking them from my iPhone.  crunchy-leaves-2






I expect to be seeing green leaves and pretty blooms any day now.  In fact, the daffodils are popping up all over and some of the trees are starting to bud.  Yes, winter has just about passed and I am hoping for my next set of outside photos to have a lot more color in them.  Stay tuned…