Finally, since April, I dusted off my sewing machine and made myself something.  My first make of summer break, and I noticed I follow a pattern when it comes to my summer sewing: the week I made this dress was the same week I’ve made my first dress of summer many times before.  I guess my sew-jo really shows up in the middle of June.

This is a completed Vogue 9293.  I modified it only slightly and that was with the skirt.  I didn’t do the pleated one as called for because I didn’t have enough fabric so instead made two gathered rectangles with a center seam down the back for the zipper.  I also cut the pockets out, but then didn’t put them in.  What a mistake that was!  Pocket-less dresses are the worst.

I went with view C but without the sleeves.  So more like view B but without the front ties.  With this material being as busy as it was, I didn’t think the ties would be necessary.  Plus I wanted it to be as easy of a make as possible.  Guess what?  It was very easy!

I’m not usually a bright color wearing gal, but I absolutely love this kind of fabric, African wax print.  I kept eyeing it at Joann’s knowing full well that I might end up hating the way I looked in it once my make was all said and done, I am happy to say I think it looks alright.  I wore it for the first time this last Saturday with no regrets.  🙂

I followed the directions almost to a T.  My only change was to sew a 1/2 inch seam allowance down the sides for a bit more wiggle room, and I used 3/8 inch for the arm and neck hems.  Also instead of buying bias tape for the facings I made my own out of 2 inch diagonal strips (a pattern piece from my Simplicity 2444 dress).  And since I used my own facing, I didn’t even bother to read the directions for this part of the dress.

I cut and made the size 12 and the finished measurements were practically spot on for me.  I have since gotten another Vogue pattern and the measurements are the same with that one as well.  All these years of avoiding Vogue patterns and I could have been having the perfect fit all this time.

There are a few things I really like about this dress.  Number 1: The surplice style bodice (that would be the crossed over v-style front).  I have been looking for a pattern like this for years based off of a Modcloth dress I have pinned as inspiration.  Number 2:  The empire style waist.  I have a short torso, I think based off of most all of my makes, so these kinds of waistlines suit me well with no adjustments.  And number 3:  A look of sleeves without really making sleeves.  Sleeves are my dressmaking nemesis.  I can’t get them to fit well in cotton fabric but I do very much like sleeves, mostly because I feel somewhat self-conscious of fully bared arms, and summer time is no time to be wearing sweaters in the mid-south.

There you have it, my newest Me Made for a Monday.  And since it’s wet and rainy out today, I think I will start myself another dress.  I may not be sewing as much as I’d like, but I am still buying fabric and patterns as if I were.

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