The Thursday Thrift

I started linking up back in November with for Thrifter Thursdays, and when I say started I mean only that one time.  There has not been a link up since, and I really like the idea of thrift inspired posts, especially when it comes to clothes.  There is a lot to find in a local thrift shop, and I have been surprised to find many very close to new looking items.

I have decided to continue on with a thrifty theme, minus the link-up for time being, and for me it will be called the Thursday Thrift.  Biweekly, I will be putting together outfits based on some of the new to me items in my collection – I have quite a bit, actually.  I am also in need of a closet clean out and there is now a Plato’s Closet close by, so new to me items should be showing up more often.  In fact, I almost talked myself into a new clothes shopping ban, but then disregarded it when I last went to Kohl’s and found so many things on super-clearance.  (It’s almost like thrift shopping when it is 80% off, right?)

For my first Thursday Thrift, I am talking about cardigans.  I have never been one for long sleeved t-shirts.  One of the advantages of growing up in a house with a sewing machine is that I could very easily cut and hem my own sleeves, and I did.  I might even be able to say I am almost an expert at this because I have done it so much.  I get cold kind of easily though, so instead of wearing long sleeved shirts, I choose cardigans.  I have always had a thing for finding cardigans at thrift stores and to this day, I still hunt the sweater aisle at my local Goodwill every time I go.

I am picky so I don’t always come home with what I was looking for, but my hunt for a red cardigan is finally over because I have found the one I have wanted.

I had been looking for a few months.  It had to be the perfect shade of red.  It also had to fit well, and it had to not be too worn.  A good brand name wouldn’t hurt either.  So two weeks ago when my boy told me he wanted a sweater vest to go with the slacks and dress shirt he didn’t have for a wedding reception we were to attend, we headed to the Goodwill.  Immediately we found what he was looking for (all for less than $10.00).  Then before we left, I peeked at the red section of the sweater aisle.

I found it!  Everything I was looking for, and bonus, Limited brand.  I also made a little bit of progress with colorizing my dark wardrobe the day I bought this, double score!


How about you, is there something in particular for which you are a thrift shopper?

 || Sweater – Limited (thrifted) || Dress – Maurice’s (clearance) || Necklace – handmade by me ||