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The 45th Friday of 2017

My post is even on a Friday!  I am surprised, but not really.  The time change has me with a bit of extra time this evening, and I spent some of it walking in the cool dark night.  It has finally cooled down, and I love the crisp […]

The 44th Friday of 2017

A couple of days late, but what else is new, right?  I do think this is the most consistently I have posted these ‘Friday’ posts though.  It’s always better late than never, isn’t it?  How has everyone been?  Me, I finally climbed out of that hole of sickness […]

February’s Favorites

I have come to realize that I really like February.  Not just because it’s the month that we ski/snowboard when we do decide to take such a trip, but because February is a wonderful month to shop.  This may be the first time I realized how many deals […]

Layer it on Me

I love fall!  Although, I much prefer slowly easing into winter, which hasn’t been the case this year, but still it is fall and I am happy about that.  Fall means cooler weather, much less bothersome humidity, and layers.  You guessed it, I am talking about clothes today, […]

The Thursday Thrift // A Lovely Find

When my mom came across this dress while out estate shopping, she was right in thinking that I would like it.  I do!  It is beautiful and has such great, subtle details.  The sheer black over the light green; the princess seaming; plus the ruffled, full skirt – […]