Me Made Monday: A Finished McCall’s 6754

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I’m back and I am posting about one of my recent me-mades.  And, in an effort to stay on top of what I want to make, I think I’d like to go back to a make of the month type of thing.  I really did enjoy that when I did it several years back, and it will give me the opportunity to try new things.  I have an ever growing pattern collection, in addition to fabric collection, after all.  (I am not just a fabric hoarder, you see.)

I attempted to make some new stuff last year, if you remember, with my make 9 list.  Well that didn’t pan out at all.  I don’t think I made a single thing from my make nine list, so probably a few of those will show up in the months to come.  But today, I’m writing about a new oldie.  Oldie in that I started it last year in July and then finished it in November, and new in that it was something I hadn’t made before.  It’s already a few months old and has been worn plenty, several days in one week come to think of it.  Needless to say, I like this dress.

McCall’s 6754 is the dress of discussion today.  I’ve wanted to make this since back in 2014.  I had the perfect crushed velvet material in mind, inspired some by a fellow blogger who has since disappeared from the blogosphere.  I didn’t end up making it with velvet after all, but instead this neat double sided knit that is both polka dots and stripes: two of my very favorites.

It’s a princess seamed, raglan sleeved, circle skirted, knit dress and it’s an easy one to make.  I know I said I started it in July, and didn’t finish it until November, that was for reasons not pertaining to the difficulty of the dress and when I make it again – which I will, probably in that velvet I originally wanted – it shouldn’t take long to make at all.

Everything about the dress was pretty straight forward, no hiccups whatsoever.  You will notice though, my dress doesn’t have a straight hem.  I don’t know how that happened.  I hung the dress after making it for a few days before hemming it since it was a circle skirt and could stretch out.  All was good and straight when I hemmed it then after washing it, I noticed it was noticeably longer on the sides.  Perhaps it’s the material’s fault.  I don’t have a problem with it being this way; I actually kind of like it.  🙂

The more I sew with knits, the more I like them.  I hated sewing with knits way back when I didn’t know what I was doing.  Following the directions makes all the difference!  I expect I will be adding more knit fabrics to my searching status in the not too distant future.  As far as this dress though, I am kind of thinking to make a version out of cotton and adding a zipper.  I already used the skirt portion for a canvas type fabric skirt and it came out just fine with a back zipper.

Anyone else have any luck making a cotton dress out of knit intended pattern?  Let me know what you think; I always love the feedback.


4 Replies to “Me Made Monday: A Finished McCall’s 6754”

    1. I have a knit fabric, full skirt that I made before and it’s just like your dress: too heavy to really wear.
      Thanks for your comment. This dress is very livable, and has become a wardrobe staple for sure. 🙂


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