Three weeks in to the new year and it’s been raining the whole time!  When will the sun shine again?!  I am exaggerating a bit, but really it feels like it has been raining the whole month so far.

The boy and I went to Nashville on the 4th of this month to tour the capital.  We had plans to walk around downtown and take lots of pictures, but it was raining the whole time.  I looked like I swam there by the time we walked down capitol hill and found some old ruins to suffice my picture taking bug for the day.

The three of us tried a bag class in Jackson at the beginning of the month (like a cardio boxing/kickboxing class), and I didn’t have to worry about how bad my hair looked that day.  When we got to class I looked like I had already been drenched in sweat thanks to the constant drizzle.  The boy said why even bother with how straight your bangs are since they’ll be messed up soon anyway.

I’ve stopped in to my nieces’ house a few times this month, and guess what?  It’s been raining all three times.  I don’t even know what her place looks like in the sunshine.

Nephew will bring a smile to my face even if outside will not.

Stephen and I went to a fancy dinner last Saturday night in Jackson on our way home from a friend’s place.  It was dark, and not raining, but I am pretty sure there was rain earlier that day. My shoes had mud on them when we sat down to wait for our table.

I think all three times I’ve done something with my wine this month, it’s rained then too.  Come to think of it, the only days it hasn’t rained are the days when the boy and I are at school and we can’t be outside anyway.  Well, he can cause he gets done earlier than I do, since I will never be done with grading papers until I am totally done teaching school.

There is sunshine outside, but I’m here grading papers.

At least the boy can enjoy a few moments of sun.  ❤

2019, so far, has pretty much been rainy.  And the main events from the month so far, have pretty much happened on rainy days.  I’m ready for a week of sunshine!

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