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2019, So Far…

Three weeks in to the new year and it’s been raining the whole time!  When will the sun shine again?!  I am exaggerating a bit, but really it feels like it has been raining the whole month so far. The boy and I went to Nashville on the […]

The Rain Didn’t Ruin Our Night

I wrote maybe a month ago about something that my guy and I got invited to, kind of like a work related outing.  His boss was kind enough to get us two tickets to an annual local event, and it was expected to be worth the night out.  […]

The Rainy Blues

I should have gotten out of bed at 6am when the alarm went off, I was awake.  Instead, I hit snooze and got up almost an hour later.  And what did I wake up to?  Rain.  Pouring, beating on the roof rain.  It is the sound I never […]