The Birds Gotta Fly

Reelfoot Lake

After a two hour trip, one way, turns out the pelicans were tired of waiting for me.  Friday the boy and I went to Reelfoot Lake here in Tennessee for the Pelican Festival.  When we got there we met with some friends, had lunch, well I did anyway, and then waited for our canoe trip which started at one.  There were pelicans in the distant water, I could see them floating around, but they were several miles too far from where we were going to start canoeing.  The canoes were able to be relocated to a closer location so we wouldn’t be starting in the opposite side of the lake from where the pelicans were, but that meant we had to wait a mere thirty minutes longer.  We waited patiently, but the birds didn’t feel the need to wait for us.  Sometime in those thirty minutes, they flew off never to be seen by me except for the one that flew overhead while we were canoeing, but that was it, just a fly by.

I have to say, I was disappointed.  I really wanted to see those birds up close.  The canoe trip, however, ended up still being great!  I saw a bald eagle in the wild, resting on a tree, closer than I had ever seen before.  No photo though, I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough while still trying to paddle along.  I definitely got my exercise in for the day, and to be able to do it while out in nature was wonderful.  The trip wasn’t a complete fail after all.


If this event is an annual thing, I may try and talk my guy into a two day camping trip next year so there might be a better chance of getting to see some pelicans.  I may have to talk myself into a two day camping trip as well.

Reelfoot Fall