Wearable Trends for This Season

I say I don’t follow fashion trends, much.  However, I do subscribe to Lucky fashion magazine, and always eye the September issue of Vogue while waiting in the check out line, so I guess I have some idea of what is in this season.  Whether I choose to wear what’s in, or not, would really be what I mean when I say I don’t follow trends.

(Yes, this is going to be a fashion related post.  There is an extra Thursday this month, so no Thursday Thrift, and I just had to write and show pictures about something fashion related today!)

The top ten most Wearable Fall Fashion Trends for 2013, as seen by a fashion magazine’s website are these:

1. Winter White – I think I could pull this one off.  I just have to remember winter white, not summery white.

2. Knit Beanies – Only if it is a really cold day.  I am not a fan of wearing beanies just to wear beanies.

3. Classic Patterns – Good thing I have a like for plaid and houndstooth.

4. Over the Knee boots – I am more inclined to say that I am not a fan.

5. Turtlenecks – I really dislike turtlenecks.

6. Shades of Green – Wonderful, I love green!

7. Slouchy Pants – The only pants I can think of that fit this description are MC Hammer pants, and/or body builder pants.  Not a fashion statement I really want to make.

8. Statement Outerwear – I like this one.  I have a red jacket that I have only worn once, would that count?

9. Folk-inspired Pieces – Flowy, with perhaps a hint of culture, I like this one too.

10. Rounded Shoulders – I am on the fence.

Wearable Trends for Fall 2013

Of these styles, I could very easily see myself wearing six of them, and I think I might try and incorporate those into my fall wardrobe.  However, of the remaining four, I don’t think so.

Over the knee boots, turtle necks, slouchy pants, and rounded shoulders, I am good without adding any of you to my current trends shopping list.  Although, I am having second thoughts about the rounded shoulder style.  I think I might be able to switch sides with this one, should the right top come along.  And as for the boots, I love myself a pair of high boots, but just under the knee is as far as I am willing to go.  I just can’t picture them on me, nor can I picture a reasonable price for a respectable looking pair of over the knee boots.  And how comfortable could they possible be, with your knees bending all day long?

So I am adding some of these to my shopping list, and I know exactly what to be on the look out for when I make it into my local Goodwill.  My Thursday Thrift posts may end up being very on trend this fall season.  I think I might even have a theme going with this, but be sure to come on back and see what I have found.  The Thursday Thrift takes place the first and third Thursday of the month, and if you want to join in, details are here. 

Of these top ten, which are you looking forward to wearing?  How about doing without?

*This week I am linking up with Passion for Fashion Friday, Favorite Fashion Friday, and Fab Favorites

10 Replies to “Wearable Trends for This Season”

  1. I’m not a trend person either – I love fashion, so I definitely pay attention to them, but they’re not the end all and be all of my world. I prefer to just pick out pieces I like, whether they’re trendy or not. It’s way easier to develop your personal style that way. Of course, I may be inspired to try a trend by different bloggers and magazine though.
    Arielle from Tangled Musings


  2. Over the knee boots?? I’m not a fan, and being on the shorter side, I think I’d look like a kid wearing boots meant for adults in them! I also don’t tend to wear a lot of green because it’s not the best for my skin tone, but a lot of the rest of these fit with my style!


  3. I love the houndstooth dress that you have pictured! I love winter white… wooly knits in bright, fluffy white cheer me up in winter gloom. Uhh, totally agree with the over-the-knee boots… I have yet to see a pair that doesn’t immediately make me think of Julia Robert’s profession in Pretty Woman. (Sorry.)


    1. It is a great dress, I really need one of them. 😉 It must have been Pretty Woman that gave me my negative thoughts about over the knee boots as well. I just can’t get past it.


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