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Cargo Skirt 2

Cargo Skirt 3

Another Thursday is here again, it was Monday yesterday, wasn’t it?  Well, this week I am not gonna wow anybody with what I wore, at least not unless you love green cargo-esque skirts like me.  This is, as my title would imply, an everyday favorite, and I am surprised I haven’t given it its own post yet.  But, even though it is a favorite for me, I know it is just a green ol’ skirt to probably everybody else.

This skirt was of the hand-me-down variety, technically not a thrift store find, but it still counts for the Thursday Thrift nonetheless (my blog, my rules).  I wear it a lot, and so much so that I am dreading the day it gets worn out.  A personal clothing staple for me is a green cargo skirt.  I have worn out two already, one of them I literally wore a split right down the backside while out shopping, gasp!  And my longer one, the main button has come off and I am afraid without that, it just doesn’t get worn at all – I also have mixed feelings about said longer skirt, because I no longer think it is as flattering as I once did.  But anyway, this skirt, it’s my current green cargo skirt.

The brand is Gap and between them and Old Navy, they have some pretty good choices when it come to this particular style.  I haven’t been inside of either store in a pretty long time, so maybe come spring, I will have to make a trip and see what next season’s cargo variety looks like.  At first, I wasn’t too crazy about the length of this skirt, I am not the tallest person, and mid-length has a tendency to make a person look even shorter.  I think I have gotten over this, because I usually don’t give it a second thought.  My favorite part about this skirt, the full size, my least favorite part, the lack of pockets, thus making it less of a cargo skirt.  In fact, it really is not a cargo skirt at all without the pockets!

In the meantime, it will take the place for me just fine, and I will wear it until it can’t be worn anymore.  It also fills the shade of green trend for this fall season.  (If you don’t remember, I said I was gonna try and incorporate some current trends in my upcoming outfit posts.  Well, here is one for green.)

Cargo SkirtShirt – Heart Soul || Skirt – Gap (hand-me-down) || Tights – Vera Wang || Shoes – No Boundaries

As an added bonus, these shoes are now also officially saved, putting me at pair number 12 for the Shoe Challenge.  I am making progress, even if it is slow.


What do you think?  What is your favorite style of skirt? 

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11 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift // An Everyday Favorite”

    1. I have swapped a few skirts with others, and every once in a while when I see them wearing it, it makes me miss the skirt and regret that I ever got rid of it. Although, it is easy to say bye to those that wear weird, and I hate it when my skirts get stuck to my tights! (I always wear a slip for that very reason!) 🙂


  1. Hello ! I just read your blog and I was actually going to just drop my website and ask you to check it out, but I love you’re writing and you’ve actually captured my attention.
    Anyway, I’m curious now and have to make time to read the rest of your blogs, haha .
    But, I just started an online thrift store, because I did notice that the online thrift stores now are soooooo overpriced for being THRIFT STORES . I wanted to make what I see at my local thrift stores available to everyone online. I also put up items that are new as well, so it’s not just a thrift store.
    Anyway, I really do hope that you check out my site and hopefully keep posted , because I just started it and am working on the kinks and I am also still in the process of posting new items.

    Have a great day !

    P.S . My favorite type of skirt is a maxi skirt or a pencil skirt! I just can’t pick one. lol.


    1. I am glad I got your attention! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and thanks for being my newest follower. I don’t have much experience with online thrift shopping, but it is something I am interested in, so I will definitely check out your website.
      Maxi skirts are great, I have yet to get myself one so it is something I am looking for.
      Thanks again for your kind words!


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